Bodyweight Training for the Skinny-Fat Guy
By Oskar Faarkrog
In my experience training over 100 men in my online coaching program, the skinny-fat body-type is BY FAR the hardest to transform and there’s a huge lack of quality training programs for our unique body-type.

Being skinny-fat means that you lack muscle tone while being soft around your lower waist.

In clothes, a skinny-fat guy looks like a regular guy, but once the clothes come off all the flab and softness is revealed.

Skinny-fat guys find it difficult to gain even small amounts of muscle tone and we gain fat “just by looking at food”.

Most of us find it difficult to gain muscle mass on our shoulders, upper chest and arms.

It’s not uncommon for skinny-fat guys to train with heavy weights and cardio for YEARS or even DECADES without any results.

I personally wasted my first 2 years of training following a high protein diet and lifting heavy weights.

Here's a photo showing my result after 2 years of heavy weight training and eating +200 grams of protein per day:
In the photos above, I added a total of 500 pounds (227 KG) to my bench press, squat and deadlift max but I didn't gain any visible muscles.

Just like many other skinny-fat guys, I fell for the trap that getting strong on the squat, bench press and deadlift will give me a good physique.

After my first 2 years of heavy training, I had enough of all the heavy weights and high protein diets and decided to go back to basics.

In late 2012, after 2 years of heavy weight training, I switched my focus to doing a basic bodyweight training program that had just the 3 exercises listed below:

- Chin Up.
- Diamond Push Up.
- Bodyweight Squat.

After 16 weeks of following my bodyweight training program, I gained more than 15 pounds of upper body muscle mass and got visible abs for the first time in my life.

To my surprise, my shoulders, upper chest and arms finally started filling out and girls would compliment me on the size of my arms and shoulders. This is something that never happened when I lifted heavy weights.

You can see a photo of my physique development after 16 weeks of serious bodyweight training below:
At the time the after photo was taken, I was a lean 190-195 pounds at 6’2″ and I could do more than 15 chin ups with perfect form.

This was truly the first time in my life where I felt like I was in shape.

I felt strong, fast, light, energised and I always went into my training sessions fully recovered.

And more importantly: I enjoyed my training because it didn’t put a huge amount of stress on my joints.

So, why does bodyweight training work so well for us skinny-fat guys?

The short answer is: SIGNALING.
Bodyweight Training SIGNALS to Your Body That it has to Transform
Just imagine adding 1 rep to your chin up max for 15 weeks straight.

When you go from 0 to 15 chin ups, there’s no way your body will remain the same.

It has to adapt by adding muscle size and shredding fat.

When you become better at moving your body through space, you SIGNAL to the body it has to change.

This is especially the case with the chin up and diamond push up which are the 2 most important exercises for skinny-fat guys.

The diamond push up sculpts the upper chest and it targets the triceps muscle which makes up 2/3 of your arm size.

The chin up builds up the V-taper on your upper body by adding size to your lats and rear shoulders.

Together, the chin up and diamond push up, sculpt your entire upper body, in all the right places: The lats, upper back, upper chest, shoulders, arms and abs.
While sculpting your upper body with diamonds and chins it’s also crucial that you develop strong and flexible legs that are in proportion with the upper body.

The bodyweight squat is the best exercise for that because:

1.The leg muscles respond best to very high rep training (think 30-100 reps).
2. It increases lower body mobility and thereby prevents the lower back and hip pain most people get from years of sitting down too much.

It’s also safe and light on your recovery.

I’ve never heard about someone who hurt themselves doing unweighted bodyweight squats but I've heard plenty of stories about guys who got herniated discs and knee problems from heavy leg training at the gym.

This makes the bodyweight squat the ideal addition to the chin up and diamond push up.

The chin up, diamond push up and bodyweight squat are all compound exercises.

This means they train several muscle groups so you get a lot of bang-for-the-buck from each exercise.

Here’s a list of the muscle groups that you train with each exercise:

- Chin Ups: Back, biceps, rear shoulders, forearms, abs.
- Diamond Push Ups: Upper chest, triceps, front shoulders, forearms, abs.
- Bodyweight Squat: Legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves).

You can build +80% of the muscle mass your body is able to support naturally with variations of these 3 bodyweight exercises alone – even if you’re old or you have bad genetics for muscle building.
Overall, basic bodyweight exercises are the best way to get started because of the 6 reasons below:
  • The main bodyweight exercises are compound. This means they train several muscle groups at the same time so you get more bang-for-the-buck with each exercise.
  • Bodyweight training is easy on your Central Nervous System. As a result, you can recover faster between training sessions, train more often and thereby build more muscle mass.
  • Bodyweight training keeps you focused. When you train just a few basic compound exercises, you stay focused and get very strong on those key movements.
  • Bodyweight training signals to your body that it has to transform. Just imagine going from 0 to 15 chin ups — there’s no way your body will remain the same!
  • Bodyweight training can be done anywhere at anytime. You have no excuses to skip your training sessions when they can be done from the comfort of your home or while travelling.
  • You can build 80% of your muscle mass with bodyweight exercises alone – even if you’re old or you have bad genetics for muscle building.
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Be proud but stay hungry!

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