Most Skinny-Fat Guys Train the Wrong Way.
Learn how to train correctly with my Bodyweight Training Program for Skinny-Fat Guys...
Bodyweight Training Program for Skinny-Fat Guys
70-page PDF
Only requires a pull up bar and 5 hours per week.
  • Full home bodyweight training program with instructional videos of all exercises.
  • Designed for skinny-fat guys who struggle with gaining upper body muscle mass while staying lean.
  • Comprehensive overview of the two most essential exercises for skinny-fat guys: The chin up and diamond push up.
  • Proven training progressions that will get you to 10 perfect form chin ups and 20 diamond push ups, even if you can't do a single rep yet.
  • Diet and supplementation strategy to help you get lean while boosting your natural testosterone production and speeding up training recovery.
  • 8-page FAQ with 16 of the most common reader questions answered.
Janu Rasby, Indonesia: "Thank you for your website Oskar. It helped me to achieve my current body now. I started with nothing, but, you know, hard works beat talents..!"
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Logan Rando, NY: “After 6 months of doing the beginner body weight routine I found myself 30 pounds lighter, with visible abs and a lean build. I took a vacation to the Dominican Republic and was constantly complimented on my physique. Friends who hadn’t seen me in months were astonished and inspired by my transformation. 

Simply put, the return on investment that Oskar’s plan yielded far exceeded that of any workout I had previously used.”
Harshit Godha, India: I faced the same problems of low testosterone and skinny fat body type as you did, and after following you advice i made some real progress, but realised that I needed some personal guidance, and it helps to have someone to motivate you when you hit a plateau. I started with 0 wide grip pull ups, and progressed to 15. I am quite surprised with my back and shoulder growth, it’s evident in the progress pictures you asked me to take. The workout also helped my posture, which often is an overlooked aspect.
Emilio, Argentina: Hi Oskar, my name is Emilio, I´m 29 years old and I’m from Argentina. I came across your site and felt identified with you almost instantly. As a skinny fat guy, I have been struggling for a long time to improve my appearance with a lot of effort and poor results, following the same bad advices as you in your beginning. It’s been 7 weeks since I started applying your ideas and so far I’ve had the best progress in my life after years of intermittent weight training. Having been a skinny fat for 15 years (I’m almost 30 now), I’m still surprised and enjoying not being it anymore. From being about 1m85 / 87 kg with 20-25% BF, right now I’m about 77 kg, with about 12-14% bodyfat, and I love the way I look. I still sometimes look at me in the mirror and I can’t believe I am now between slim and toned, having been flaccid all my life, ashamed of taking off my t-shirt. I really appreciate having found your website and I want to thank you for sharing all your experiences! 
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