Logan Rando, USA: “After 6 months of doing the beginner body weight routine I found myself 30 pounds lighter, with visible abs and a lean build. I took a vacation to the Dominican Republic and was constantly complimented on my physique.”
Bodyweight Training Program For Skinny-Fat Guys
70-page PDF
Only requires a pull up bar and 5 hours per week.
  • Full home bodyweight training program with instructional videos of all exercises.
  • Designed for skinny-fat guys who struggle gaining upper body muscle mass while staying lean.
  • Comprehensive overview of the two most essential exercises for skinny-fat guys: The chin up and diamond push up.
  • Proven training progressions that will get you to 10 perfect form chin ups and 20 diamond push ups, even if you can't do a single rep yet.
  • Diet and supplementation strategy to help you get lean while boosting your natural testosterone production and speeding up training recovery.
  • 8-page FAQ with 16 of the most common reader questions answered.
Janu Rasby, Indonesia: "Thankyou for your website Oskar. Very very help me to achieve my current body now. I started nothing, but, you know, hard works beat talents..!"
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